edibles that contain THC and CBD, use with caution because they are very strong for some people.

    • Melmac Shrooms (28g) *NOT WEED*


      Melmac Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Melmac), also referred to as Homestead Penis Envy is a variant of the famous Penis Envy strain discovered and developed by Terrence McKenna and Steven Pollock two of the great early psychonauts. Over the years many mycologists worked with the original Penis Envy strain to develop their own. Homestead is a name of…

    • *STRONGER* Faded Gummies (250mg)


      200mg THC¬† per pack (20mg x 10 gummies) INFUSED GUMMIES- Assorted tastes and flavours The same deliciousness just medicated for your healing pleasures.   **FREE SHIPPING over $200 **FREE SHIPPING over $200 **FREE SHIPPING over $200  

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