Black Domina AAAA (14g Can)

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Black Domina Strain



  1. Graves710

    If you want some dank that sparkles✨. This be the strain for you, definitely would recommend to everyone and I’m extremely picky. But this passed all my expectations on what top shelf should be

    Smells: extremely fruity sweet skunky Peppery earthy
    Tastes: Mouthwatering Very hard to explain you just gotta try it

  2. a_graves_420

    Some really nice tree I’d definitely buy again. Has an amazing smell which is hard to explain and the taste is just as good. Also has a beautiful look to it with its purplish greenish hues and sparkles from the amount of crystal on the nug. A great strain over all if you’re a picky one you gotta try this 🔥

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